Hand-painted Color Chart

QoR Handpainted Color Chart in Binder QoR Handpainted color chart detail

The hand-painted color chart that your local QoR retailer has is now available to artists directly from our factory in New Berlin, NY. The color chart contains all 83 colors in the QoR line painted on quality watercolor paper with complete color name, pigment number, lightfastness, opacity and staining ratings. Of course, the best thing is being able to see each color brushed out from heavy coverage to a wash. Each color is painted on an individual card then mounted in a six-ring metal binder. Each color card is 41/2" x 33/8" - the binder is 9" x 53/4" x 15/8". $98 (+ S&H*)
(Item #M730120)

*U.S. domestic shipping only. For international orders, please call our Customer Service department at 607-847-6154. U.S. orders please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.